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The Eleven: A TWM Workshop

Our next workshop opportunity is April 6, 2019.

Want to spend a Saturday with us? 


When we first began our floral studio, we asked ourselves, "Why do flowers even matter? Why should someone invest in decor that will soon die?" In answering this question, we developed a list of 11 reasons flowers should remain at the center of all life's special events. We call this list The Eleven.

Our workshops are so much more than free time to play with flowers—though that's never disappointing. The EIeven workshops are opportunities for both novice and aspiring florists to practice tips from our experience, using the best of the season's bounty. It is our joy to see attendees learn a new tip, engage in personal healing or reflection by taking time for themselves, and leave with an arrangement that lasts beyond the few hours spent with us. 

If you did workshops every week, I would come every week! Thank you for sharing your talent and knowledge with us. Today was super inspiring!

- Jennifer Seabolt, attendee

Absolutely loved it! Thanks for hosting such a lovely event!

- Teresa Lang, attendee

Loved every minute; blooms are so healing to work with. Thank you girls for the wonderful afternoon. 

- Kayla Peters, attendee

Such a beautiful experience. Loved every minute.

- Emily Whitson, attendee

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