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Principle Designer

Lulled by Keats poetry and Laura Marling melodies, Lauren uses the natural world around her as inspiration for floral design and other artistic endeavors that garner her affections.

Fellow Designer

Leah is a beekeeper, knowing that where bees thrive, so do flowers. She is inspired by both bees and florals because they are symbols of beauty and order, muses of poetry, and cultivators of the imagination.

Assistant Designer

Callie is a gatherer of beautiful things—not just living or tangible. Her journals teem with pressed blooms and foliage, and photos, side by side with her thoughts.



The Wild Mother endeavors to break the mold of basic floral recipes--those lacking creativity and sold to consumers over and over again. We aim to break a stigma surrounding flowers by making them accessible and appealing to everyone--men, women, old, young, and those from any neck of the woods. Ultimately, TWM commits to making beautiful things. And, how could we not? The natural, living tools of our trade are plucked directly from rich soils.


The Wild Mother offers its boutique floral arrangements to an inclusive audience of clients. This means TWM will provide its services to weddings, private events, and to home or business subscribers, while cultivating kindredness in our community.

The Eleven | Why Flowers Even Matter


When we gather to observe celebrations in life, usually people are the focus of all the guests’ attentions. In choosing venue, menu, and time of year, the aim is to tell a congruent story—represented by all of the elements. Do not neglect the power of floral pieces for your day. If sending a blushing bride down an aisle to meet her groom, send her with a handful of blush-pink garden roses, gingerly supported by masculine plumosa, to tell the story of their romance. If celebrating the holidays around a table, reinforce the hearty character of the season with sturdy evergreens as well as warm and substantial blooms.


Bring the outdoors in. The entire cast of an arrangement has been grown from a seed, encouraged by a tender farmer, and harvested at its maturation for your regard. You, too, have grown from a little one and have become worthy of celebration. Honor this cycle.

Masculine | Feminine

It is a false cultural construct that flowers are utterly girly. We believe there is so much more to flowers and foliage. Each stem and branch is unique in character—some feeling feminine while others feel overwhelmingly masculine. What is more, the enjoyment people experience from a beautiful arrangement is never gender specific. The Wild Mother works to uphold tones of masculinity and femininity, which is achieved by our materials.


On the day of your event, your venue or space will feel much like a puzzle to be put together. Properly placed florals immediately establish parallelism, structure, and are an anchor for the space.


Color is all around us—from the moment we awaken to the moment we lay down to rest. Daily, we are inundated with thousands of colors. For your event, you have the opportunity to select colors that will best support the story you are telling. With the help of the designers from The Wild Mother, the colors you choose may provide richness, vibrancy, boldness, cheer, romance, warmth, wistfulness, or pomp.


Texture is the tangible nature of a material, and it enhances the visual scope of a piece. At The Wild Mother, texture inspires us a great deal. It makes the difference between a lush and bloom-driven theme and a ruggedly whimsical theme.

Plumosa falls like feathers. Acacia is designed like a blue spruce in an impressionist painting. Baby blue Eucalyptus projects like a sword. Kale changes its mind from green to purple. Dahlias have the face of the sun. Spray roses cluster like children. Lambs Ear is cut from a velvet cloth. Ranunculus are like cumulous clouds. A Peony’s petals are waves in an ocean. Millet hangs like a fox’s tale. Queen Anne’s Lace is a firework stilled in time. Delphinium caps like a fuzzy witch’s hat. The garden rose is a sweet sister, acknowledging her brother, the standard rose.


Arrangements are temporary—living and dying—art pieces. They can inform the overall aesthetic of your event, whether modern, classical, or a mixture of the two.


It’s no secret that most flowers smell good. Impulsively, people find themselves face-deep a cluster of blooms just for their welcoming aroma. As you are planning your event, allow us to help you choose blooms and greens that are as diverse in scent as they are in color and texture.


No doubt. The guests attending your event will be armed with cameras, connections to social media, and minds prepared to absorb the story you will tell. In today’s world, the memory of your event will exist on a million different platforms. Florals contribute to a rich memory for your guests.

Most importantly, your memory of the event will be lasting. It will be tied to the food you taste, the venue you fill, the music you hear, and the elegant presence of your florals. Many brides and grooms choose to preserve the blooms from their event—pressing them in family Bibles or volumes of Dickinson, Keats, or Poe. Word to the wise, choose well, friends.


As children, the honeysuckle bush on the south of Mema and Papa’s house faithfully drew us and our cousins to its smell. We would play around it for hours. One summer, Papa taught us how to drink of its nectar. This early experience with blooms is among many that inspire our affinity for florals.

Be aware that precious memories like these will linger in your event space—locked in the minds of all in attendance. Likewise, don’t be afraid to amuse your own nostalgia when assembling pieces of your event’s puzzle, including its floral narrative.


If you were to examine old paintings or photographs of historically significant moments—even within your own family—the likelihood of spotting an arrangement is great. That is because it is our cultural tradition to employ flowers and foliage as vehicles to celebrate, mourn, congratulate, declare love, apologize, or reward oneself. With florals, your event will be like the celebrations of old.