Planning & Coordination

The Wild Mother loves spending time with our clients, helping to shape their vision and plans for their wedding day. We adore getting to know the stories, hopes, and influences behind what guests experience on a couple's wedding day. We only offer these services to a capped number of clients each year because we put our heart and soul into these days—we dream about them, we become advocates for them, and we work ever-so hard on the day of. If you'd like to know more about these services, click the link to see the document below.

Our process

Let's begin! Click on the button below to complete the form. Use this form to share details with us about your wedding. With this information, we will get to know your vision and begin creating a go-to plan for your vendors, wedding party, and family. You'll experience ease in your day and peace of mind that someone knows your vision and how to execute it! 

Completing this form will take about 15-20 minutes complete if you have all the information in front of you.


TWM will contact you to arrange a time to discuss your answers. 


TWM planners will share a link to the preferred organization platform where the client access budgeting details, vendor and rental contracts, day-of plan, and other notes. 


TWM planners will schedule another meeting with the client to present the plan and discuss any need for revisions. The day-of plan will be sent to your wedding party, vendors, family, and any other necessary people one week before your event date.


Let's do this! Your team will be present on your wedding day to see that all your plans are executed.